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Your Next Best-Selling Online Course Done-For-You.

Want to you productize your skills? Or, you’ve got something in you that you want to impact into the lives of thousands of learners all over the world?

An expert online course would help you achieve that!

But, how can you create a “expert” online course that SELLS?

Two ways:

The Hard Way: Do It Yourself

First, you’ll have to determine the topic of your course. This is one of the most crucial part of your proposed online course. You have to make sure you get this right or else you’ll waste a lot of time, effort, and money. 

Then, you’ll find out if there’s a market for your course. This would require you do some online research concerning the demand for your course topic. 

Creating an online course outline is another thing you’ll have to put in hours into. This is because having a good course outline will give you a strong direction that will help you create a cohesive successful online course. 

After you’ve gotten a strong outline for your course, it’s time to create & edit your course materials. Then, you can start looking into different online course platforms for your course or create a website from scratch. 

Now, if you’ve managed to go through all those process, you’ll still have to deal with marketing your course. 

Did you know that only 3% of the people who decide to create an online course actually finish it and publish it?

That’s because it’s takes a lot of effort and time plus the technical know-how of an expert. But, there’s an easy way to get it done fast. 

The Easy Way: Done For You

Leave your entire course creation to our team of expert online course creators that you can trust to nail your project in the head. We've worked with many small business owners, content creators, and online coaches. And have helped them create and sell online courses in all niches to help them add online education functionality to their audience, generating millions in revenue. 

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Our Selling Point

Rich Background in Web Development, Programming, and Financial Training Programs

We pride ourselves on a team of experts with years of experience working on different projects across various niches and sectors.

TECH at an EXPERT-level

Everything is done for you. Our team will help you skip the boring content development process through the help professional content creators. You can trust our tech nerds to handle all the complex source codes writing parts, video editing, animation, copywriting, promotional video, etc. You won’t need to lift a finger! Now you can focus your creativity energy to building and growing your digital brand.

Get Your Course Done in 45 Days

It would normally take you 2 years if you were creating your online course on the side by yourself. We can finish everything and get your course ready & website up and running in 45 days. Our goal is to build a great learning experience for your audience. Just delegate the task, relax and have a beautifully designed course and content delivered to you.

You Own the Exclusive Rights to The Course

Once we finish the project, it’s yours. We do not have any right or claim to what you use the course for in the future. You get full ownership of the intellectual property.

Course Promotion

We not only help you productize their skills, we can also assist you in promoting it. We know the $$ possibilities a successful online course offers. The goal is to help you capitalize on the massive expansion of the eLearning market.

Free 45-Minute Done-For-You Consultation

Let us know what you have in mind for an online course, and we'll help you figure out how we can make it happen for you.

The Journey Towards Your Online Course is in Four Simple Steps

1. Let’s Talk About Your New Course

After scheduling a consultation, your dedicated project manager will connect with you. Your manager would work with you closely to create a creation schedule for your online course before that first lesson is written. 

Throughout your entire project lifespan, your online course creation consultant consultants will be your point of contact to answer any questions and scheduling.

2. We Plan It Together

We will ensure we're both on the same page by including you in the planning phase. Our services are focused on your brand's point of difference, and we'll ensure you stand out in the crowded online space. We'll also provide you with suggestions on what content to include and omit.

3. Designing and Building Your Dream Course 

Our curriculum development experts will work with you in creating your course content storyboard. This storyboard will lay out every module of your course, every tool, and your desired learning outcomes in one easy-to-read document. 

Next, our design team creates your custom-made slide deck, tool template, videos, and online course hosting portal. Finally, our Tech Team will complete your course hosting platform's technical setup and input all of your content. By now, your course will be ready to welcome your students.

4. Launching It!

We need to prime your audience to let them know about your course at this stage. We run a pre-sell recommendation to build anticipation, followed by providing you with a pre-launch sequence. This stage aims to plan your marketing campaign to drive sales and follow-ups for your course.

Outsource to us now! And have your own course content development team with developers, designers, researchers, strategists, etc., ready to bring your vision to life.

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