Course Description

Whether you are a fresh graduate or looking for a shift in your career, whether you are coming from an engineering, finance, or law background; delving into the world of Infrastructure Project finance & PPPs might be challenging. The problem begins at the interview stage: The lack of technical knowledge and basic skills could hurt your chances to land your dream job and break into the sector.

We have been there, too, and we completely understand your frustration! Our passion for helping young professionals overcome this hurdle pushed us to create this course.

This course is beyond your regular online course; it is a compilation of thousands of hours of academic, professional, and interview experiences. After working in the project finance sector and with different firms, we are more than happy to share our wealth of knowledge in this industry with you.

This course will cover every technical question you may be asked in a project finance interview. It will offer you insights into different complexities and tight spots you will experience when trying to gain entry into the industry.

The project finance sector is cumbersome & complicated from a distance; however, this course will draw you closer to understanding how you can make the sector a haven for you.

Course Outcomes

  • Learn the fundamentals of Infrastructure Project Finance and Public-Private Partnerships.

  • Master the basic skills to break into the sector as a young professional.

  • Acquire the essential knowledge needed to succeed in the project finance industry.

  • Ace your upcoming project finance interview at commercial and development banks, investment funds, industrial sponsors and advisors.

  • Save $10,000s on tuition fees for Master's degrees.

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Welcome to the course !

    • Course Structure

    • Course Materials

  2. 2
    • Project finance in one sentence

    • Detailed definition

    • Quiz 1

    • Transactions eligible for project finance

    • Quiz 2

    • Corporate finance vs Project finance (Part 1)

    • Corporate finance vs Project finance (Part 2)

    • Quiz 3

    • Key stakeholders in a project finance transaction & their responsibilities

    • Quiz 4

    • Contractual structure of a typical transaction

    • Financial flows between stakeholders

    • Quiz 5

    • Quiz 6

    • Main risks (Part 1)

    • Main risks (Part 2)

    • Main risks (Part 3)

    • Quiz 7

    • Quiz 8

  3. 3
    • Introduction

    • Definition of a public-private partnership (PPP)

    • Quiz 9

    • Why opt for a PPP?

    • Quiz 10

    • What makes a PPP better than public procurement?

    • Quiz 11

    • Benefits and risks of PPPs

    • The different types of agreements

    • Main difference between a PPP and a concession

    • Quiz 12

  4. 4
    • Introduction

    • Typical financial plan of a project finance transaction

    • Quiz 13

    • Quiz 14

    • The financing instruments

    • The order of repayment

    • Quiz 15

    • Cash flow waterfall

    • Quiz 16

    • What is the weighted average cost of capital (WACC) ?

    • Characteristics of the junior funds

    • Characteristics of the debt tranches

    • Financial metrics used by the grantor

    • Financial metrics used by shareholders

    • Financial metrics used by lenders

    • Quiz 17

    • Quiz 18

    • Examples of sponsors

    • Examples of lenders

    • Alternative sources of funding

  5. 5
    • Introduction

    • Why do we need a model?

    • How do you build a model?

    • Financial modeling best practices

    • Quiz 19

    • Quiz 20

  6. 6
    • Introduction

    • Inside a financial modeling test

  7. 7
    • Thank you and good luck !

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