Course Description

Investing in bonds has a lot of financial benefits for investors. It provides a regular stream of income and widens their investment portfolio. Bonds also carry low market volatility.

It is a safe investment plan which allows investors to preserve and increase their capital. Investing in top-quality government bonds doesn't come with a default risk for investors.

This course is for investors and individuals who show interest in widening their scope on the fundamentals of fixed-income instruments and exploring the structures and features of the market. If you are interested in learning about different topics and sections connected to the analysis and valuation of bonds, this course is for you.

Dealing with fixed-income securities can be difficult if you are unwilling to invest your time and resources into the proper means. Making the seemingly cumbersome fixed-income securities easier is the idea behind this course.

It is accessible to everybody irrespective of their place of work or schedule. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or conversant with the world of fixed-income securities. The course is designed to start from the basics and slowly advance as you get more familiar with the fundamentals.

Aside from teaching you the fundamentals of fixed-income securities, if you wish to venture into bonds, this course will teach you the basics and things you might need to get started. If you are on the lookout for a course that will impact financial skills applicable in the real world, look no further.

See you inside!

Course Outcomes

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to value bonds is welcome here!

  • Investors or professionals who see acquiring knowledge about fixed-income securities as the missing piece in their bid to manage their assets

  • Professionals in the financial sector looking to add to their existing knowledge

  • This course is structured to be understood by both newbies and professionals. It is created by professionals who are conversant with fixed-income securities and know how to impart financial knowledge

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Introduction

    • Properties of fixed income securities

    • Money Market & Capital Market

    • Primary & Secondary Markets

  2. 2
    • Market capitalization of the bond market

    • Definition of Bonds

    • Issuer of bonds

    • Categories of Bonds

    • Flow of Funds in Fixed Income Markets

    • Example of Bond-funded projects

  3. 3
    • Face value & Coupon rate

    • Coupon date & Maturity

    • Term, Purchase price & Accrued interest

    • Yield Rate

    • Covenants

    • Coupon Payments

  4. 4
    • Zero-Coupon bonds

    • Convertible bonds

    • Callable bonds

    • Puttable bonds

  5. 5
    • Default-free bonds & defaultable bonds

    • Rating of Defaultable bonds

  6. 6
    • Introduction

    • Types of Yield curves

  7. 7
    • Bond Symbols

    • Bonds issued at Par, Premium & Discount

    • Relationship between Yield to Maturity (YTM) and Bond Price

    • Value of a zero-coupon bond

    • Value of a bond with coupon payments

  8. 8
    • Part A

    • Part B

    • Part C

Fixed-Income Securities: Introduction to Bond Markets