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Effortless Excellence with AI:

Embrace the AI Revolution - Go All In or Go Home

Dear Learner,
As you navigate another grueling day in your professional life, it's impossible not to feel the winds of change blowing fiercely through the world of work and innovation. You've heard the stories – about Bitcoin, how many brushed it aside, not realizing the monumental shift it represented. They dabbled, but never committed. And in doing so, they missed out on creating generational wealth. Why? Because they failed to seize the moment, to fully engage with a transformative opportunity.
Now, history is repeating itself in another form: Artificial Intelligence. You've seen it all over Twitter, heard whispers in the corridors, and maybe even dabbled in it yourself. But let me be clear: AI is not just another trend. It's the bedrock of the future. And just like with Bitcoin, those who don't fully commit, who don't dive deep and leverage its power, will be left behind.
The AI revolution isn't a distant future; it's here, reshaping industries across the board – Finance, Health and Fitness, Human Resources, Leadership, Online Money Making, Parenting, Personal Development, Productivity, Programming, Small Business – you name it. If you're not integrating AI into your strategies in these fields, you're essentially bringing a wooden stick to a sword fight. It's not just about staying competitive; it's about survival.
That's where the AI Bootcamp comes in. It's not just a collection of prompts; it's your roadmap to harnessing the power of AI in every aspect of your professional journey. This comprehensive manual is tailored specifically for these key sectors, ensuring you're not just participating in the AI revolution – you're leading it.
Imagine being able to unlock insights in Finance with the precision of a seasoned analyst, or revolutionizing your Health and Fitness approach with data-driven strategies. Envision transforming your Human Resources and Leadership skills with AI's analytical prowess, or skyrocketing your Online Business and Small Business operations. The AI Bootcamp is your key to turning these visions into reality.
But let me be brutally honest: if you choose to ignore this, you're not just missing an opportunity; you're actively choosing to stay behind. You're choosing to be the person who heard about Bitcoin and shrugged. You're choosing to be a spectator in a game where being a player could redefine your entire life.
Don't be that person who realizes too late what they've missed. Don't look back in regret, wondering what could have been if you'd only seized the moment.
AI is not just the future; it's the present. And with this AI Bootcamp, you can be at the forefront of this revolution. Embrace it, and transform not just your career, but your entire life.
Don't wait. The time to act is now.

What will you learn by taking this AI bootcamp?

  1. 1
    • Introduction to ChatGPT

    • How ChatGPT works?

    • AI chatbots: Advantages and Disadvantages

    • Other Chatbots

    • What you need to know?

    • What will you learn?

    • How to Create a ChatGPT Account?

    • Important installations

  2. 2
    • What are prompts?

    • Key Feature of Prompts

    • Examples Of Good Prompts

    • What are Text prompts?

    • Prompts for different Use Cases

    • What are Image Prompts?

    • Midjourney prompts

    • Custom preferences

    • Parameters

    • Aspect ratio

    • Chaos

    • Seeds parameter

    • Style

    • Normalization

    • What Is Error Handling?

    • Error handling prompts for students

    • Project - How to make a website using ChatGPT and Midjourney (Part 1)

    • Project - How to make a website using ChatGPT and Midjourney (Part 2)

  3. 3
    • Introduction

    • Why are AI models important?

    • How to detect AI images?

    • Work, Benefits, Challenges, and Tips of Midjourney

    • How does Midjourney generate images?

    • Why Midjourney use discord?

    • Midjourney overview

    • Pricing

    • Installation of Discord and subscription

    • Variations

    • How to create own server for Midjourney?

    • Types of promotes/commands: Part 1

    • Types of promotes/commands: Part 2

    • Pro Tips

    • Generate Images in Anime Form

    • Multiple commands

    • Parameters

    • Other AI Tools: Part 1

    • Other AI Tools: Part 2

    • Categories images

    • Street Photography

    • UI designs

    • Product photography

    • Modifiers

    • Conclusion

  4. 4
    • Section 1: Introduction to AI in Graphic Design

    • Introduction to AI in Graphic Design

    • Advancements in Artificial Intelligence Evolution

    • The Current Dominance of Artificial Intelligence

    • The Evolving Landscape of Graphic Design Workflows

    • Predicting the Future: AI's Role in Design

    • Section 2: Setting Up Your AI Design Workspace

    • Overview of Leading AI Design Software

    • Comprehensive Analysis of DALL-E Technology

    • Comprehensive Analysis of Midjourney

    • Updated of DALL-E

    • Initiating Design: Crafting the Initial File in Figma

    • Mastery of Figma Tools: Advanced Functionality Unveiled

    • Exploring the Figma Desktop App: Advanced Features and Capabilities

    • Integration of AI in Figma: Optimizing Design Processes

    • Section 3: AI-Enhanced Landing Page Design in Figma

    • The Anatomy of High-Converting Landing Pages

    • Advanced Plugins for Image and Design Enhancement

    • Perfecting Color and Typography with AI Recommendations

    • Iconography Mastery: Elevating Design through Icons

    • Section 4: Crafting Logos with AI and Figma

    • The Science Behind Memorable Logos

    • The Art Behind Memorable Logos

    • Section 5: Designing PowerPoint Imagery with AI and Figma

    • Principles and Best Practices for Presentation Design

    • Crafting Presentations in Figma: A Comprehensive Guide

    • Advanced AI Tools for PowerPoint Presentations

    • Section 6: Advanced Design Techniques: Figma Meets AI

    • Mastering Animations in Figma: Advanced Techniques Unveiled

    • Predictive Design: AI's Suggestions for Design Directions in Figma

    • Section 7: Empower Your Designs: Locofy for Web and Graphic Designers

    • Locofy Unveiled: A Comprehensive Overview of This Innovative Platform

    • Locofy Project: Comprehensive Insights and Implementation

    • Coding with ChatGPT: Advanced Techniques

    • Section 8: Navigating Ethics and Best Practices in AI Design

    • Addressing and Understanding Bias in AI Design Tools

    • Collaborative Best Practices in an AI-Enhanced Figma Environment

    • Intellectual Property: Navigating the Gray Areas of AI-Generated Designs

    • Section 9: Final Project: Merging AI and Figma Skills

    • Crafting a Comprehensive Branding Page with AI Integration

    • Peer Reviews, Feedback, and Iterations in Figma

    • Reflecting and Project Submission: Showcasing AI-Enhanced Designs

    • Conclusion

  5. 5
    • Section 1: Building games in Javascript using ChatGPT

    • JavaScript with chatGPT

    • First Game using JavaScript

    • Timer in ChatGPT: Part 1

    • Timer in ChatGPT: Part 2

    • Section 2: React.JS with ChatGPT

    • Debugging and bubble sort

    • React.JS installation

    • Node.JS and NPM

    • How to create components in ChatGPT?

    • React.JS Routing

    • Section 3: C++ with ChatGPT

    • First Program in C++ and installation

    • Program Execution

    • Create a guess number game in C++ using ChatGPT

    • Section 4: Building Chatbot, OTP Password Generator, Histogram, Aggregate and Plot Timeseries

    • OTP generator and Chatbot

    • Histogram and descriptive statistics

    • Aggregate and Plot timeseries Data

    • Conclusion

  6. 6
    • Section 1: Introduction

    • Introduction

    • Introduction to Prompt Engineering

    • Role of AI

    • Who should join?

    • What should you learn?

    • Prerequisite

    • Chatbots (An overview of chatbot technology)

    • Overview of ChatGPT

    • Diving Into Prompt Engineering

    • MidJourney

    • How to Write Prompts Priming

    • How to Write Prompts Iteration

    • AI tools comparison

    • Section 2: Building your own ChatGPT in React.js

    • Building Chat-GPT in React.js

    • Introduction to React and Installation

    • Setting up the Environment

    • Section 3: Create a User Interface (UI) & Input Styling

    • Sidebar

    • Sidebar Setting Options

    • Main box

    • Chat input

    • New chat content

    • New chat content

    • Adding Avatars

    • Assistant/AI Styling

    • Section 4: Setup Node.js for connection

    • Node.js setup

    • How to Connect App with the Server

    • Section 5: Integrating the Open AI API & Testing

    • How to get an API Key

    • Postman and Testing API

    • Using React Hooks and Integrating the backend with the front-end

    • Handling Error Integrating backend with front-end part

    • Receiving results from own chatbot

    • Section 6: Format and Display Responses

    • API to Display Them data in readable form

    • Prompt Response with text-decoder-Stream

    • Section 7: Chat History

    • Using model text-davinci-002

    • Generating chat History

    • New Chats

    • Conclusion

  7. 7
    • Introduction

    • Welcome to Bard AI

    • Brief Explanation of Bard

    • Why Google Created Bard

    • The first Prompt in Bard

    • Definition of AI and Language Model

    • How Bard AI works

    • Unique Features and Capabilities

    • ChatGPT vs Bard Response

    • Text Generation and Completion

    • Contextual Understanding and Relevance

    • Language Translation and Multilingual Support

    • Question Answering and Problem-Solving Abilities

    • Integration with Various Applications and Platforms

    • Adaptive Learning and Personalization

    • Content Creation and Editing

    • Customer Service and Support

    • Education and Tutoring

    • Research and Analysis

    • Target Audience

    • Competitor Analysis

    • Gaming and Entertainment

    • Bard AI vs. GPT-3 & GPT-4

    • Unique Selling Points of Bard AI

    • Areas for Improvement and Development

    • Code snippets

    • Error identifications

    • Performance improvement

    • Tutorial guidance

    • Coding Standers

    • Ongoing Research and Updates


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Marketing Magic

Alexis I.

If you think you know AI, think again. This bootcamp takes you on a journey from 'what is AI?' to 'how can I not live without AI?'. I’ve gone from AI novice to the go-to AI guru in my marketing team. The course's structured approach makes even complex concepts feel like a walk in the park. Simply put, it's transformative.

Finance Meets Design

Charles C.

Never in a million years did I think a finance person like me would get so much out of a graphic design module. But here I am, making data look sexy! My presentations? They've never been clearer or more engaging. This bootcamp's not just about AI; it's about making you better at whatever you do.

My E-Commerce Game-Changer: AI Chatbots

Jordan M.

I've got to tell you, the Chatbot module was a total game-changer for my online store. I've got this awesome chatbot up and running now, and it's like having an extra team member who works 24/7. Customers love it, and so do I!

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